Hellcat ’69 Charger Restomod..

Watch the three-year journey of a 1969 Dodge Charger from barn find to crossing the block at Mecum Auctions in Dallas. Detroit Muscle’s Marc Christ and Tommy Boshers complete the restoration that results in a $200,000 sale number at auction!

Those guys are at the top of the restoration level, experienced, skillful and creative people. They can work on anything vintage, rusty and almost of no value to something look brand new, of high quality build, very powerful and attractive to buyers. Amazing video !

An absolutely beautiful car! Every choice from the Hellcat crate engine to the vinyl top to AC was right on the money. I totally love watching you guys work and the interesting and fun cars you produce. Thank you!

For someone who resto-modded an old-ass, broken and beaten Daytona to a high 7’s Hellcat-powered fighting and screaming beast of a car from almost scratch, it really warms my heart to see other people doing such things and things alike to such an extent just like I did, especially on such a recognized classic badass of a car.

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