Supercharged 1973 Dodge Charger R / T SOUND Very Nasty As Hell..

Do you agree with us that even a small displacement of the engine roar very bad right up to the moment when some big block brother pass them and told them where is their place!

But the first engine starting on 1973 Dodge Charger SE, big-block 440 cubic inch V8 engine 4 BBL, only this time with a massive supercharger on it.

Who knows how many horses are added instead of 280 in it. From the sound we can smell something bad, yes, and a wide rear tires do not promise anything good.

Even without the hood and not so impressive work on this 1973 Dodge Charger SE looks nasty, you can say all the Chargers in the famous platform Chrysler B-body with big muscles are bad and nobody can mess with them.

Especially when they have a big blown engine as our partner in the video have.

Yes, they are bad, but they are calling any one of us to get inside the cockpit and start to race, they are addicted and hooked on racing!

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