This Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock Owner's Reaction to Hennessey's 1,000-HP Upgrade Is Priceless - 009

Hennessey shows owner Clent James what the already potent muscle car can do after a few tweaks and his expression says it all.

The Dodge Challenger is the prodigal muscle car that comes in a wide variety of flavors and versions, with the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, SRT Hellcat Redeye, and SRT Demon at the top of the food chain.

Perhaps less well-known at least outside of enthusiast circles is the more recent Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock – a $90,000 muscle car flagship for those who need speed and bragging rights combined.

Hennessey, a reputable and impressive performance brand, is kind enough to show us – via their YouTube channel – a sneak peek at an HPE1000 Super Stock upgrade for the Challenger. Going along for the ride is the car's owner Clent James, who gets the ride of his life in his newly upgraded vehicle on Hennessey's test track. His reaction is priceless, to say the least.

Clent Gets The Ride Of His Life In His Hennessey Dodge Challenger Super Stock

Riding along with the Hennessey representative in the HPE1000 is a Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock owner Clent, who admits that he came to the American tuners due to the fact that they are the best in the business. After noticing how well the car handles now, the Hennessey driver hits the accelerator when the road goes straight. With a look of terror on his face, he yells "Oh my word!"

The rep says to Clent, "Are you satisfied?" to which he replies, "I am 100% satisfied!"

The Hennessey HPE1000 Super Stock Dodge Challenger Upgrade

In a cool light blue color and sounding exquisite, the modified Challenger looks the business and makes no bones about its intentions.

That extra power people might need on their Challenger starts with the engine of course. Here it makes 1,000 hp at 6,500 rpm and 948 lb-ft at 4,200 rpm, with a different package (HPE1000 Redeye) for a Redeye Challenger and even an HPE900 version.

The brand achieves its upgrades through the following items according to Hennessey: “A Lower Pulley Upgrade, Upper Pulley Upgrade, Ported Supercharger Snout, Stainless-Steel Long Tube Headers, High-Flow Catalytic Converters, High-Flow Mid-Pipes, High-Flow Fuel Injectors, High-Flow Air Induction System and Crank Case Ventilation System”.

Crafting A Dodge Challenger HPE1000: Like Putting Oil On the Fire

Like oil on a fire, the modified muscle car becomes a monster as we witness in the short segment, where the duo in the car decide to try out a standing launch.

Giving us a quick tutorial, the Hennessy guide shows us how easy it is to do: foot on the brake, accelerator until you feel the car moving on its suspension, and the car gets loaded and ready. When they eventually take off, the pair inside visibly get pushed backward and the car speed off like a rocket with a sound that seems to come from a dark place.

Dodge Challengers with the Super Stock option ticked would normally make 807 hp, so this power upgrade and all the associated parts seem well worth it – if your pockets are deep enough.

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