WW2 Veteran's Reaction To Son Fixing His 1946 Cadillac To Drive - 008

That experience, for me at my age, and Dad at 102 years old, is just priceless.

Would love to shake that mans hand and hear some words of wisdom and experience. I can listen to these old timers all day. Makes me miss grandpops alot, both of them. Bless him and his health.

I can't believe how much this is meaning to me just to see this. In these days and times this is solid gold to see this son do this for a WWll veteran.

My father was also a WWll veteran and i miss my old pop like you wouldn't believe, this man came from the greatest generation this country has ever seen or i believe ever will the way things are going downhill now.

God bless you all for putting this on here and lord.

I hope this Veteran gets his wish for many more years and God bless his son for caring about his pop.

You can see what kind of a man he was by how his family is, this is a beautiful thing to watch.

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