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A video goes over the current state of the car and what the future entails for this interesting pony car barn find.

On YouTube channel Peterson Restorations, Ben goes over the details of a 1970 Boss 302 Ford Mustang he saved from Iowa after a viewer of the channel reached out wanting to sell one parked since the 1970's.

Ben enthusiastically saved the car, traveling from Pennsylvania to Iowa to save the car in a two-day trip. Check out the video to see the details of the current state of the classic car as well as learn more about his future plans for it.

1970 Boss 302 Ford Mustang Restoration: Huge Potential

The last owner of the car parked it years ago and has had the car since 1976. It is in original condition with no restoration work having previously gotten done on the car. It is currently missing wheels, the interior is largely disassembled and the body has a good deal of paint fading and rust.

Despite its seemingly rough looking condition, he goes over the fact that the car is complete enough for a relatively straightforward restoration and his optimism towards the classic car restoration project is evident throughout the video.

He plans to get the car fully restored back to its original condition, which was a red first-generation Ford Mustang with a white, upgraded interior with improved upholstery over the stock version of the car as well as wood paneling throughout.

He plans to keep the front fender, from the condition the car is in now, to use as a wall hanging to remember the starting point from how he got it.

Future Plans After Boss 302 Ford Mustang RestorationWhile he knows the exterior color the car came in and details about the interior, he's unsure of what other optional features the classic Boss 302 pony car came with such as whether it had a shaker hood upon leaving the Ford factory. He's ordered a report that goes over the original specs from when the car was new, and he looks forward to learning more.

Once the Boss 302 undergoes a full restoration, he plans to keep the car for personal use and will not be putting it up for sale. It will go along with another Boss 302 Ford Mustang in orange that he also has, commenting that it will be great to have the pair of them.

Peterson Restorations will be providing more updates on this Mustang through the YouTube channel as more work gets completed in the future to restore this classic Ford back to its former glory once again.

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