Dennis Collins Finds Hidden Treasure With This Pair Of Classic Dodge Chargers - 011

There's a load of other classic vehicles that also get picked up for restoration and sale.

In his latest video, Dennis Collins, automotive YouTuber, heads to St. Louis, Missouri, for an epic multi-vehicle rescue requiring a forklift and numerous hands and trailers.

It’s a classic car adventure centering around Chuck, the seller, who’s eager to meet Collins and clear out several sad cars, some with strong collector potential.

A pair of garaged Dodge Chargers is the true target of the outing, but Collins is happy to take home the remnants of two Chevy trucks. His shopping spree continues with more goodies from Chrysler and Honda.

Dennis Collins Finds A “Straight And Solid” 1973 Dodge Charger

Right off the bat, Collins calls this 1973 Dodge Charger classic muscle car “crazy ugly,” but its bulbous looks aren’t a deterrent as these vehicles are increasing in value. He’s pleased about the car’s “straight and solid” condition, despite the original 440 CI V8 stolen years ago.

As a consolation, Chuck includes a separate 440-CI engine that should complete this Charger. At the same time, Collins gets enamored by a 150-mph speedometer and the other one-time features (like power steering, power brakes, and air conditioning) of this high-option car.

A Classic 1968 Dodge Charger For Sale With Secrets

Next is a lime green 1968 Dodge Charger, the most valuable vehicle of the rescue. In typical fashion, Collins gets to work confirming this car’s details, and the investigation yields surprising results.

To begin with, it left the factory with light blue paint, and the original black seats got swapped for white units somewhere along the way. It’s also a non-R/T Charger. However, the 383 CI V8 appears to be original, which makes Collins enthusiastic. An original title and keys are bonuses.

More Classic Cars And Treasures Head Back To Texas

Not satisfied with Chuck’s pair of Dodge Chargers, Collins loads up several other vehicles that have seen better days. A rust-strewn 1973 K5 Chevrolet Blazer is first on the list. It’s a vehicle Collins remarks someone else will want to restore.

Meanwhile, the front half of a square body Chevy Silverado wrecker gets extracted and loaded onto the trailer. It’s a curious acquisition, but the big block 454 CI V8 in the engine bay is the real value here.

A pair of B-body Mopars from the 1970s will also return to Texas. One is a fourth-generation Dodge Charger built as a “Midnight Special” variant. It’s joined at the last minute by a Chrysler Cordoba, but there’s no word if “rich Corinthian leather” is inside.

Collins wraps up the multi-vehicle transaction by also taking home a trio of Honda ATVs.

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