How to repair "fast like lightning" the cars do not fit in the garage ?

If you get caught in this situation, then at least smile and stop to sigh because trust me, you are certainly not the only one. Many first-time buyers without regard to where the garage or any mistakes in the measurement of indoor space.

Tips "cheat" size garage

First, remove the racks or the auxiliary lamp from the garage to garage additional ventilation. Make sure that your garage is a garage rather specialized warehouse for furniture - where you let things rarely used to here.

You can also replace the smaller tires or lower damping for cars. However, this method is also listed as "extremely not have". Many or confusion that the "deflated" tire will lower the vehicle height. However, this job is not "cheat" was too much size, but also makes you more inconvenient when used to the car.

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Another way to fix the roof is raised. However, if you are a heavy set spiritual matters and did not want touched the roof, the lower the background is what can turn things around. Doing this can make when the door is not closed as the original. However, at least, your car will be able to enter the garage without touching the roof.

Notes on measurements

In case you do not buy a new car there is available a garage in the house, make sure it's accurate measurements to avoid falling into the above situations.
First, remember to reduce the size just to subtract depreciation measured by unforeseen garage you will have square or not; no protruding hinged or not; or door / furniture / supplies, ... in the garage have accounted for how much more the area, ...

Next, you should not rely on the size of the length of vehicles that the manufacturer provides. Quite a lot of manufacturers do not count the size of the front bumper and rear bumper on the vehicle's overall length. Or when buying a car, you are vulnerable to convince more accessories and installation, making it more length / width / height of the vehicle increases. The best way is to measure the exact size of the cars in the showroom.

Do not forget to measure the height of the car and check the ground clearance. These are all important parameters by a new car may be able to touch roared, hitting the garage door on the upper.

The note to the garage for cars

Typically, an automotive garage must have a minimum size of 3x5 meters if you want to fit a small sedan as Kia Morning. If you choose the Mazda3 sedan is larger as this parameter up to 3 x 5,5 meter threshold. Garage usually contain some items related to cars. Therefore, depending on intended use and depending on how much cars you want, carefully consider the amount of area and can spend.

Then, in the process of building a garage, choose a simple design and suitable for homes. Advice from experts is to choose easy to clean materials by automotive garage where frequent fouling.

Drainage systems are also one of the things to keep in mind because you'll have this place cleaned regularly during later use.

Garage ventilation should also be able to avoid very hot and avoid smell of gasoline / oil. It is also forbidden to place any inflammable/explosive. Remember equipped with fire extinguishers to prevent bad situations can happen at any time.

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