5 tips to increase your tires' longevity

A Popularmechanic’s expert has shared his story about how to use tires smartly and for a longer time than usual, based on his own experiences.

1. Choose tires based on the weather

His story began from a terrible snow storm in Houston. Almost the drivers had to drive through 15cm-thick snow in struggle because everyone was stuck. It was just 16km but it took them many hours to get their cars out of that. Meanwhile, his car had no struggle at all. At that time, he was driving a BMW M3 98 with snow-anti tires Vredestein.

While normal tires can be frozen in the cold weather, the winter’s tires are specially designed to adapt to the harsh conditions of winter’s weather. The special designs help their rotation can be fastened to the road.

2. Reserve some spare tires

If you have money, you should buy a pair of spare tire. Last year, he bought a pair of Pirelli Scorpions 2011. Even though they were new, they received a good discount because they had been made 4 years ago. They were warranted just like new ones, worked well but not as good as new ones. However, the difference was shown on the race, they were good and safe for him to drive on the roads in the town

3. Change the position of the tires

Almost modern FWD and AWD cars have squared-shape tires’ structure, its means all the wheel has a same size and the tires’ patterns have direction. Check your tires regularly. If one of them is worn aside, change their position, so their longevity will be increased and work better

4. Check the air pressure

Remember to check the air pressure of your tires. Pump the tires based on the recommendation of the car’s type, not your tires. Under-inflated or too stretched tires are not recommended, because it is not safe for you and not good for your tires’ longevity

5. Don’t care too much about the abrasion notice of the tires 

The treadwear number (the degree of wear of the tire’s pattern) shows the abrasion that the tires can handle.

Assuming a tire with treadwear 300 will wear theoretical triple a tire with treadwear 100. However, you don’t have to care too much about it, because they are just the number that the producers tell without the testing of the third side

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