6 Cars Insurance Services That You Must Have

For a while to experience the services of car insurance, face the problem traffic participants, customers will derive for themselves the best necessary service to choose a car insurance product fit.

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For the first customers to own a car, buy insurance for the car will be based on the advice of the salesperson, the introduction of acquaintances ...

Because car buyers simply do not have experience in the services needed when choosing car insurance. However, after a period of experience of insurance services, automobile, face the problem traffic participants, customers will derive for themselves the services they need to choose an insurance product car insurance for the next time. That is the basic service as follows:


This is an effective tool to support customers using the car insurance. Hotline support timely emergency situations when the accident regardless of day or night. Guiding clients handle situations at the scene when the incident. Besides the recognition and tracking processes of compensation, the hotline can answer any questions customers from products and services to the compensation procedure.


When incidents occur, customers expect their vehicles only to be pulled in the garage for repairs. Will no one cares how much should it cost to rescue his car was about safety. However, if the vehicle fails in a remote place in the dark, the rescue transport costs is not a small effect. So rescue service free traffic across the country as well as the preferred choice for car owners.

You should choose the insurance services in the garage repair genuine for your vehicle.


This service is equally important to ensure that the car retains value after repairs. With genuine repair garage, customers assured of quality repairs and replacement parts. Moreover, insurance companies are now linked to the repair garage genuine, the insurance company will pay directly to the garage, so customers do not have to pay cash when repair this garages.


No one buys a car insurance to forward the issue with themselves. However, life is always "no one knows the word surprise", so if there is a problem the customer does not have to take time to calculate their depreciation if the car insurance and repair service replacement parts are not amortized.

For used cars, it is very difficult to calculate depreciation for the car parts need replacing. For expensive luxury cars, repair and replacement of spare parts is not amortized as a Vietnam Service priority to ensure the car remains the same after repair value.


Flood is an obsession of the driver when the traffic in the rainy season because water hammer always cause severe engine damage and high repair costs. So shui fire insurance is always a top concern of customers when buying car insurance.

Currently, a number of insurance companies providing coverage hydro stimulus package will be in the physical vehicle insurance. When buying car insurance is always material hydro enabled insurance customers at no extra charge for this coverage.


But this is kind of optional insurance comes under the physical vehicle but the vehicle owners are always interested by the situation occurred stolen car parts regularly, especially in big cities. With this benefit, customers are more secure because of the risk sharing from the insurance company.

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