1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee: Conquering the Ravages of Time and Rust ! -45

The Super Bee was officially launched in 1968 as a boost of adrenaline over the standard Coronet, originally being offered with a choice of two engines, namely a 383 (6.3-liter) rated at 335 horsepower and a 426 (7.0-liter) Hemi with no less than 425 horsepower.

In 1969, however, Dodge officially introduced a third engine option, this time a 440 (7.2-liter) that developed “only” 390 horsepower, so on paper, it offered lower performance than the Hemi.

But no matter the engine that put the wheels of the Super Bee in motion, this particular model was still the best choice for those who wanted a Coronet with some extra punch.

Well, none of these still matter if you look at the Super Bee that we have here. Or better said, what was once a Super Bee, as it’s pretty clear this Dodge has clearly seen better days, and calling it a car today barely makes any sense.

It goes without saying that whoever buys this Super Bee has so much work to do to bring it back on the road, if this is even possible in the first place. eBay seller vettez06z16 says the car was once painted in bright green (color code F6), and it featured a white interior with a white vinyl top.

The engine under the hood was the aforementioned 383, and it was paired with a 4-speed transmission, but of course, such information doesn’t make much sense right now given the current condition.

But despite its awful condition, you really shouldn’t expect this Super Bee to come cheap. Not at all, actually, as the seller expects to get no less than $3,000 for the “car,” though the Make Offer button has also been enabled, meaning that other deals might be considered too.

At the end of the day, however, this Super Bee shows just how much damage the mix of ignorance, aging, and rust can produce to an otherwise great car, especially when it’s been sitting for years in the same spot.

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