Rare Gem Unearthed: 1965 Chevrolet Impala SS 396 L78 Owned by Farmer - Pure Muscle Artistry ! -44

The 1965 Impala was the first car in the United States to sell more than a million units in just a single year, so it goes without saying this particular model has totally earned its place in automotive history books.

The SS obviously played a key role in this important achievement, as its appetite for more adrenaline boosted the overall appeal of the Impala not only in terms of engine performance but also as far as the looks go.

The ’65 Impala SS that we have here is even more special, as it comes with an engine option that wasn’t necessarily the most common for this model year.

It’s a 396 L78 SS, of which is believed Chevrolet built only approximately 1,800 such units, so it goes without saying not too many of them are still around these days.

This particular SS, on the other hand, comes in perfect condition, obviously after going through a thorough restoration some time ago. There’s zero rust on the car, and everything looks exactly as you’d expect it to look on a new car. Both the silver paint and the black interior (though no photos are available to reveal the cabin) have been allegedly refreshed, and as you could easily guess, everything is still there, so the Impala is 100 percent complete.

eBay seller sellingallthewayaz claims the car has previously been owned by a Kansas farmer, but it’s not exactly clear when the restoration project was eventually completed. But no matter when this happened, the Impala has clearly been babied properly after that, so now it’s absolute perfection and is just waiting for someone to park it in their personal collection.

Of course, such a beautifully restored Impala, can’t come cheap, and this one really doesn’t. If you do want to take the car home, be ready to spend close to $100,000 for it, which kind of makes sense given the current condition and the rare matching numbers engine option still under the hood.

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