Journey into the Mysterious World of the 1971 Unaltered 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air, a Yard Discovery Turned Head Turner -110

1958 is the year that brought us the Impala nameplate as part of the Bel Air lineup, and while this new model was pretty successful, it doesn’t necessarily mean the rest of the series wasn’t a head-turning machine either.

And this 1958 Bel Air that we have here is just the living proof in this regard, as despite its questionable shape, the patina makes it look like a classic that certainly deserves a second chance.

Because that’s exactly why this Bel Air is here in the first place. Listed on Craigslist by its current owner, this 1958 model is trying to find a new owner that would give it the restoration treatment it deserves, though as you’ll find out in a second, it comes with several undisclosed tidbits that for many are critical when it comes to a potential purchase.

The Bel Air left the factory with a six-cylinder engine under the hood, but unfortunately, we’re not being provided with any specifics regarding the condition of the powertrain today.

There’s clearly a lot of patina, and given the rest of the body damage, there’s a chance the engine is either missing or not in its best shape, so if you do plan to buy it, be ready for some serious work to get the Chevy back on the road.

In fact, the seller themselves admits the car needs some work, explaining that while the trunk is bad, probably requiring some patching, the chassis and the body are still in a solid condition.

It remains to be seen if someone decides to give it a second chance, but the good news is the owner is also interested in some trades if you believe the $4,700 price tag is too ambitious. On the other hand, if you do want to buy it, just make sure you thoroughly inspect everything, especially given all the missing details.

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