Step into the Timeless Charm of the Low-Mileage 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, a Spotless Time Capsule ! -109

If you’re searching for a collectible that comes with low mileage and still flexes a perfectly immaculate condition, then the Firebird we have here could be the one you need. 

Despite being 42 years old, this Firebird Trans Am comes in tip-top shape, and the best of all is the car has never been restored. In other words, it’s in the same condition it was when it left the factory, and it’s all thanks to the previous owners always taking care of it just properly.

The folks over at Harper Motorsport, who are in charge of selling the car, claim the Firebird has always been stored indoors in a heated shop, and this explains quite a lot. There’s not a single spot of rust on this Firebird, and judging from the photos included in the online listing, everything is just spotless.

The garage hasn’t shared any specifics as to whether the car has been restored or repainted, so we assume this is the original paint. The engine under the hood hasn’t been rebuilt, it seems, but given the Firebird has spent most of the storage inside, it comes with a really low mileage.

The odometer indicates just 14,000 miles (22,500 km), and of course, they’re all original. And you don’t have to trust the dealer on this, as the car comes with plenty of service records, receipts, and pretty much all the documentation it was sold with.

This ’79 Firebird is also the 10th-anniversary model, so it comes with special decals that still seem to be in a pretty good condition. And of course, the engine runs like new, making the Trans Am feel almost entirely like a car that just rolled off the assembly lines.

If all of these have caught your attention, be ready to spend $50,000 for the car. The garage is also offering a bunch of financing options, but if you do decide to buy it, just please make sure you treat this Bird as good as it deserves to be treated.

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