1937 Ford Coupe Phantom Custom Took 10,000 Hours to Be Completed and It’s Worthwhile..

Would you like to see just another episode of “My Car Story with Lou Costabile”

It’s a worth-to-see series of videos filmed to enjoy auto enthusiasts and car fans from all around the world.

On this episode of My Car Story, we’re checking out a 1937 Ford Coupe Phantom Custom.

This excellent machine, as you’ll also see in the video, is professionally painted in liquid metal paint named “Relentless”. It’s a color that catches all the eyes on itself.

Watching the video with attention, you can learn the details about this cool build from its lucky owner, Ryan Thomas.

It took 10,000 hours to him to create this masterpiece and we can confidently say that it’s worthwhile.

Check out this cool machine designed and build with pure creativity and complete dedication and let us know what you think about it in the comments!


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