Menacing Flat Black 1972 Chevy Nova 4-Speed Build..

With its little size and light weight, the Chevy Nova has consistently been a most loved toy to hot rodders and speedsters.

The form we have picked for you today is a long way from stock also and it positively gets huge loads of consideration with its threatening appearance.

A few group will say the All Black muscle vehicle look is as of now obsolete, yet regardless of whether that is the case I accept you’ll concur with me that this thing is pretty much scary.

When it comes to power, this Flat Black 1972 Chevy Nova is not a monster. A well massaged 355 Small Block paired with a 4-speed Muncie is not a combo that will allow you to run a single digit 1/4 mile, but the headers makes the V8 engine sounds tough and she will be fun on the street.

In case you wonder how much a build like this will cost you, the car was sold at GR Auto Gallery last year for $25,000.

Check out the video to see this 1972 Chevy Nova all the way around and share your thoughts.

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