Barn Find 1967 Shelby GT500 Restoration Isn’t Cheap..

Did anyone think it was going to be?

Pretty much every vehicle aficionado fantasies about tracking down some astonishing vehicle buried in an outbuilding, carport, and so forth and getting it for next to nothing and a dance prior to reestablishing the thing.

It’s something which gets you through the dreariness of regular daily existence, nonetheless like most dreams the fact of the matter is far various. In the event that you haven’t at any point taken a stab at anything like reestablishing a vehicle that is sat for some time, you probably won’t understand exactly how rapidly costs skyrocket and will in general outperform your unique, traditionalist evaluations.

Look at the time a $1 million outbuilding find was found.

Indeed, even in rough shape, a 1967 Shelby GT500 merits an extensive sum. In the video included with this article, Jerry Heasley uncovers this specific one was sold for $65,000. That may sound crazy, yet consider that in top condition it would effortlessly sell for $200,000. Unexpectedly, that cost doesn’t appear to be so steep, regardless of whether you can’t swing something to that effect.

The expense of the vehicle doesn’t stop just with the procurement. Prior to beginning the rebuilding, the new proprietor needs to choose what condition he needs to go for and why. You can’t simply begin reestablishing a vehicle without a ultimate objective and have it end up great.

For this situation, the new proprietor has chosen to keep the Shelby GT500 as unique as could be expected. He’s regarding the past, yet that accompanies inconveniences just as benefits. For one, the paint isn’t actually in mint condition, yet it’s not as awful as you may presume. There are other corrective issues and a huge load of mechanical issues, as well.

However, the original details in the car were pretty amazing. One standout was that the OE wood steering wheel was pretty much intact, something you don’t see too often these days.

And while the ’67 Shelby GT500 is definitely impressive, all that work to make it look good and keep it original comes at a steep cost, in this case to the tune of $76,000. Since the owner had the financial means to pay for everything right away, the restoration work only lasted from February to June, so it was quick.

Check out a deeper dive of the restoration work in the video.

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