Sharp 1972 Chevy C/10 383 Street Truck – Good Looking Ride, Sweet Interior and Nice Engine Sound - 035

It’s hard to say any vehicle is as uniquely American as the pickup truck. Initially built for basic transportation needs, the pickup truck was the favorite vehicle of farmers and tradespeople.

They used it for hauling heavy loads over bumpy roads (and fields), and since the pickup truck could withstand rough use, it quickly became a top-seller in America.

I remember this ’72 Chevy C10 pick up from the 2013 NSRA Street Rod Nationals. It was still a good looking street truck, but now after the guys at Big Oak Garage have done some enhancements on it (again) there is a big difference in terms of appearance.

I mean the awesome paint job, stunning custom Red interior and 383 stroker motor were still there, but now the stance just rocks. The upgraded suspension, new wheels and red-line tires fit the build way better and I’m sure those of you who have seen this 1972 Chevy C10 back then would agree.

After 50 years from the first launch, the Chevrolet C10 still stands as a desirable vintage pickup truck.

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