635HP NASCAR Powered Ford Galaxie 500 – A Subtle Work Of Art That Screams! - 034

One of our favorite parts of the automotive community is that it has pretty much an unlimited number of possibilities for creativity. This time, we get the check out of a pretty unique combination that takes an old school Ford Galaxie 500 and brings it new life.

This Galaxie isn’t just any old Ford, either, as the machine is fitted with an engine that was built for NASCAR back in the mid-1960s.

Ford did consider making the car available to the public but due to having 635 hp, which was a ton at the time, the machine didn’t necessarily fit the mold of other 60s street machines. In fact, Ford saw it as a liability so it never was mass-produced.

This time, we get a rare opportunity to go over this incredible car to find every nut and bolt that has been turned in the name of creating something that we would say is nothing short of artwork.

The idea behind this machine was to build something custom, all while maintaining a look that could potentially be factory stock at a glance.

Down in the video below from AutotopiaLA, we get to see, and perhaps more importantly, hear a car that is really something special.

However, it might take a trained eye in order to see all of the custom work that has been done as the minds behind this one wanted it to make a statement, all while being subtle at the same time!

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