Go to jail "weevils shackle" beacause intentionally fall supercar bugatti veyron into a lake

The incident happened 5 years ago , but now the new Mr Andy Lee House faces 20 -year prison sentence because of trying to fall the supercar Bugatti Veyron into a lake of salt.

In 2009 , Andy Lee House has led many believers to torment supercar Bugatti Veyron when falling his expensive silver down a salt lake called Gulf Bay area suburb of La Marque , Texas , Noodle. After 5 years , the work continues to attract attention when Mr. House at risk of going to jail "weevils shackle" for fraud insurance money.

Reportedly, Mr. House was purchased supercar Bugatti Veyron for $ 1 million in 10/2009. Later, he bought insurance $ 2.2 million for powerful supercars come from France at Philadelphia Insurance Companies. To 11/2009, Mr. House and the Bugatti Veyron plunges fated salt lakes.

After the incident, Mr. House was looking to the insurance company of Philadelphia Insurance presenting his unfortunate crash of the Bugatti Veyron supercar. Insurance companies have jumped on the bandwagon to investigate the cause of the accident before agreeing to pay millions of dollars for Mr. House.

Talking to the insurance company, Mr. House confirmed the cause of the accident is to avoid a pelican birds flying over. Unfortunately for Mr. House when video back evolutions no accident demonstrated the presence of any public pelican.

Standing in front of that situation, and he moved to the other reason that his phone was dropped so he lost his driving. However , according to the understanding of the insurance company, Mr. House was deliberately crashed a Bugatti Veyron supercar expensive to salt lakes . House was not shutdown his own supercar after plunges into salt lakes.

According to some sources, the engine of the Bugatti Veyron supercar has continued to run for 15 minutes in the salt lake before the " dead ". His action made ​​the Bugatti Veyron supercar completely broken, can not be repaired.

Philadelphia Insurance insurance company sued Mr. House for fraud insurance money. In addition, Philadelphia Insurance companies also discovered that he once tried to hire someone stealing and burning supercar Bugatti Veyron to get the insurance money.

Finally, Mr. House was sentenced 20 years in federal prison. Temporary , project implementation date has not yet been announced.

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