BWM car suddenly stopped in front of the truck to "eat money" insurance

BMW was carrying women and children in the backseat, running in front of a 14-wheel truck when suddenly braking to stop, but luckily no accidents occur.

Surveillance camera on his car by Ian Howard, 48, lives in Manchester, England, has recorded a case of intentionally causing accidents to "eat money" insurance. The incident occurred when Mr Howard was driving slowly on the road M57 Liverpool to Manchester on Friday afternoon.

In the video, a BMW is running in front of a 14-wheel truck when suddenly braking and stopping. According to Mr Howard, who drove a BMW seems to deliberately want to truck knocked into the tail to get the car insurance money.

The BMW car is running in front of the truck...

It is worth mentioning that, the BMW driver had such dangerous actions, despite the 10-year-old children and a woman in the back seat. Fortunately, the driver managed to brake the truck back up the accident not occurred.

...suddenly stopped!

There are nearly 30 years of experience driving trucks, Mr Howard insisted BMW driver was very lucky when 14-wheel truck not carrying cargo. If not, the truck can not be braked.

"If people drive a BMW to do so with the car carrying 44 tons of my fluid, uninterrupted accident could have happened. It will certainly be a very horrific accident," Mr Howard said. "No matter what the cause, the driver of the BMW apparently too stupid. Fortunately for him and his family the truck driver for not being involved in a bad accident."

Estimates in the UK, every year the insurance companies have to pay the amount up to 400 million pounds for the service of intentionally causing an accident like this.

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