1968 Malibu Defies the Junkyard - Unleash the Power, Dare to be the 1% Owner! -335

Chevrolet produced close to 465K Chevelles for the 1968 model year and approximately 26K units left for Canadian customers.

While no official figures are available, approximately 266K Chevelles are believed to have rolled off the assembly lines with the Malibu trim.

One of them is right here, exhibiting a horrible shape but still flexing a strong desire to return to the road one day. However, I doubt the owner will find someone willing to begin a complete overhaul, so I wouldn't be surprised to see the Chevelle serving as a parts car for another project.

The owner didn't share many specifics, only revealing that the 2-door Malibu still has all the glass and sells with a title. The engine and the transmission are no longer in the car, so if someone is brave enough to attempt a complete restoration, they'll have to bring their own powertrain.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand this Malibu comes in a super-challenging condition. The vehicle has been sitting in what looks to be a junkyard for God knows how long, so it's safe to assume the rust has already invaded most metal parts.

The undercarriage is wrecked, so the floors are completely gone. You'll need new floors and a new trunk pan, but an in-person inspection will probably reveal more concerning metal problems. If you can't pay a visit to the owner and see the car in person, you should order a third-party inspection, especially if your ambitious plan is a complete restoration to factory specifications.

The interior is almost completely missing, as the seats, the headliner, and the door panels have already made their way to other Chevelles. A junkyard survivor typically becomes a donor very fast, but I still wonder what engine the car originally had.

It's hard to find something to praise on this Chevelle, as the photos reveal massive damage. The car needs almost everything, but despite not rolling off the assembly lines with the SS tags, it would make for a great clone with the right engine.

As if the car's condition wasn't already incredibly challenging, the owner also doesn't want to let the Chevelle go cheaply. They expect to get $3,500 for this Malibu, so it'll be interesting to see if someone has the courage to take home a rust bucket and begin a restoration.

If you want to see the car live, you must go to Edinburg, Texas, and it's safe to say it won't move until it finds a new owner. You'll need a trailer to take it home, but it's unclear if the vehicle rolls freely so you can take it home easily. The owner says they won't part out the car.

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