Treasure Trove of Automotive Legends: Unearth Hundreds of Classic and Muscle Cars in this Enormous Junkyard -328

Are you looking for parts that would help you restore a classic car? Are you in the market for a derelict vehicle to put back on the road? Do you enjoy seeing old cars no matter the condition they're in? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," here's a tour of a huge junkyard that you may enjoy.

Junkyards are usually a "love it or hate it" affair for classic car enthusiasts. Ironically enough, it's where you're likely to see hundreds or even thousands of vintage cars in one place. On the other hand, some people find them appalling. Because they just can't stand the sight of an abandoned classic.

While I also like my old cars restored, I know it's impossible to save all of them. As long as companies will keep building new cars, junkyards will be packed with old haulers. That's how the cookie crumbles and there's nothing we can do about it but document junkyards in hopes that someone will the parts they need to restore a classic. And who knows, maybe even save one for a restomod project.

YouTube's "IowaClassicCars" is one of those guys that enjoy talking long walks through car junkyards. Most of his videos are about saving old Chevrolets from barns, but this one is about yet another junkyard he discovered. And it's packed with old vehicles from every important automaker and even a few rare muscle cars.

The footage kicks off with a really cool cab-over truck, but it quickly transitions to a big collection of derelict Chevrolet cars, including Chevelles, Tri-Fives, and El Caminos. But the place is also loaded with Buicks and Pontiacs, including a few cool examples from the 1970s.

This junkyard is also home to a massive number of Fords and Mercurys. Of course, many of them are mundane models that few people would bother saving. But among these cars, there's a big collection of first-generation Mustangs. Most of them are from the 1960s, so clearly a few gems in there. Unfortunately, they're all missing their engines.

In fact, most of the cars in this junkyard are basically junk, having been stripped off of their drivetrains and front clips. But some aren't all that rusty and still have old inline-six and V8 mills under the hood. They're also missing a few parts, but they're perfect candidates for restoration projects. Can you spot them in the video below?

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