The Coronet: A Remarkable Classic at Barrett-Jackson Auction ! -57

If you were to pluck a hidden gem from Dodge's lineup, the Coronet would be it. This iconic model has managed to stand the test of time, transcending the ordinary, and captivating the hearts of avid car enthusiasts. Its journey from the late 1940s as a full-size marvel to its resurgence in the mid-1960s as a mid-size legend is a testament to its enduring appeal.

But there's one Coronet that truly steals the spotlight in this story. It's a car that embodies rarity and power, destined to be cherished by the lucky few who can call it their own. Meet the exceptional Dodge HEMI Coronet 500, a masterpiece that stands out as one of a mere dozen crafted in this unique configuration. This 1966 convertible, armed with a potent 426 HEMI engine beneath its hood and a 4-speed transmission at its command, proudly wears the badge of the 500 series.

What sets this beauty apart is not just its exclusivity but its pristine condition. The engine purrs with the original, unaltered power, and the Coronet as a whole has undergone a painstaking and no-expense-spared professional concourse rotisserie restoration. The result is a car that gleams as brilliantly as the day it rolled off the assembly line.

This Coronet flaunts the distinctive silver coat of the 500 trim on its exterior, giving it an appearance as if it were forged from pure, raw metal. Inside, the atmosphere is equally captivating with icy elegance. Front bucket seats and a center console, housing the shifter, grace the interior. And for those times when you want to keep the world at bay, a sleek black top provides the perfect sanctuary.

Excitingly, this Coronet is now poised to find a new home, with a spot in the prestigious Barrett-Jackson auction in Houston this September. The best part? There's no reserve, which means the lucky future owner will have the privilege of securing this piece of automotive history. 

While the exact price it will command remains a mystery, one thing is for sure - this Coronet comes complete with the original dealer window sticker, factory OEM build sheet, and owner's manual, making it an irresistible package for any discerning collector. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of automotive legend at the Barrett-Jackson auction this September.

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