Iconic 'Black Beauty' Ride from Green Hornet Heads to Auction - Don't Miss It! -70

Most of you that have seen the Green Hornet flick may have forgotten the storyline, but we're certain one thing hasn't been disremembered. Of course, that's the main character's ride – the jaw-dropping 1965 Chrysler Imperial driven by Kato and known as the Black Beauty.

For the modern adaptation of the TV series that made Bruce Lee an international phenomenon, a total of 29 cars were built for all the various scenes starring the awesome machine. According to the creator of the Black Beauty, Dennis McCarthy of California-based Vehicle Effects, only two were built as functional models, the others being rolling bodyshells destroyed during filming.

Currently offered at auction by RR, this screen-used hero car is powered by the Imperial's original 413 cubic inch (6.8-liter) V8 engine, rated at 350 horsepower and a prodigous 470 lb-ft of torque thanks to a four-barrel Carter AFB carburetor sitting atop the intake manifold. Even though the car's odometer shows 71,421 original miles, the black paint, headlining and leather seats are in mint condition, just as the butterfly doors, Green Hornet bootlid emblem and revolving rear number plate.


In terms of firepower, the Black Beauty is equipped with two hood-mounted retractable .30 caliber M1919 Browning machine guns, FIM-92 Stinger missles, a grill-mounted M2 flamethrower, Benelli M2 20-gauge shotguns located in the light bezels, 12-gauge door guns, six AR-15 carbines and two retractible front wheel anti-riot spikes. If this bad boy was offered in Carmageddon, than your opponents' cars wouldn't have stood a chance.

If you want to learn more about the functional Black Beauty that started bidding from $10,000 and currently sits at $25,941 after 11 bids, then scroll down, press play and let Jay Leno tell you everything else about it.

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