Forgotten Treasure: The 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle, Left Near a Forest, Reveals a Multitude of V8 Possibilities! -36

While many people who come across an abandoned car on the side of the road see it as a complete wreck, others immediately notice its potential, eventually trying to save it either with small fixes to get it back on its wheels or with a more ambitious restoration project.

And an ambitious restoration is exactly what this Chevelle right here needs, too, as it’s pretty clear (and you can figure this out yourselves as well by just opening the photo gallery) that giving it a second chance certainly wouldn’t be easy.

The current condition of this 1968 Chevelle is concerning, to say the least, especially because it looks like it’s been sitting outside for too long, and what’s worse, it appears to be very close to an area full of vegetation, most likely a forest.

Lots of vegetation means there’s an increased likelihood of plenty of rust, and eBay seller roundeyened themselves admits this is a major problem on this Chevelle. And the photos prove it too, so whoever buys this car should be ready for a ton of bodywork and most likely serious patching on the floors and in the trunk.

There’s no engine under the hood, but if you’re the kind of person seeing the glass half full, there’s also a better part of the story. The seller says they have multiple engine options available at an extra price, including some 396 units and even 454 V8s if what you’re looking for is a massive restomod.

This Chevrolet was born with a 327 in the engine bay, and the VIN code does confirm that a V8 was originally putting the wheels in motion.

But of course, this isn’t necessarily the most important tidbit right now, as the priority for whoever buys the car is to bring it back on its wheels and get rid of all the rust.

The auction is set to come to an end in some two days, and the top bid at the time of writing is a little over $2,600, though the undisclosed reserve is yet to be met.

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