Classic Elegance Beckons: The 429 Cobra Jet-Powered 1970 Ford Ranchero GT Seeks TLC ! 74

The Ranchero has always been overshadowed by its Chevy rival. A bit sad considering that General Motors introduced the Elky after the first example of the Ranchero was delivered to its rightful owner. Even though many people dream of experiencing an El Camino SS 454 on a long stretch of empty highway in the desert, FoMoCo added the 428 Cobra Jet as a mid-1968 option, the year the 289 was dropped from the lineup.

The Ranchero we’re covering today boasts the 429 Cobra Jet and Ram Air induction. Specified with a three-speed auto and a 3.25:1 rear axle, this patina-infused ute is a 1970 model with 73,589 miles on the clock. That’s 118,430 kilometers if you prefer the metric system, and it shows. For example, the hideaway headlights that don’t fully close. Look closer, and you’ll further notice scratches, dings, dents, peeling paint, and rust.

Offered via Bring a Trailer with a clean title in the seller’s name, chassis number 0A48J202848 also flaunts a copy of the original window sticker and a Deluxe Marti Report with tons of information. The highlight is that 75 units were produced that year with this engine-transmission combo. Sold new by Gateway Motors in Vermont, the black-painted coupe utility rocks optional goodies that include power steering and power front disc brakes.

The reproduction window sticker shows a total price of $4,085.89, including the $93 transportation fee, which is approximately $31,200 adjusted for inflation. That’s a little more than what you’d be charged for a brand-new Ranger XLT nowadays. Pictured on 14-inch wheels mounted with 215/70 rubber boots, the patina’d ute flaunts a vintage AM radio from Philco.

The Philadelphia Battery Company was briefly controlled by Ford. The Dearborn-based automaker purchased the Philadelphia-based electronics manufacturer in 1961, then sold it to GTE in 1974. Come 1981, the peeps at Philips acquired it. Outside of North America, Electrolux owns the brand.

Although it needs a fair bit of tender loving care to get back to its former glory, this 1970 model year Ford Ranchero GT 429 Cobra Jet is certainly worth one’s consideration. With seven days of bidding left, it currently sits on $10,429 after no fewer than five expressions of interest on BaT

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