1968 Chevrolet Corvette: A Powerhouse with 450 HP and a Distinctive Livery -41

Zack’s Corvette Car Story

Lou Costabile, the host, introduces Zack, the owner of the vehicle, and Craig Nelson, the previous owner. Craig tells that he purchased the vintage vehicle in 1973 and converted it to a road race vehicle. Then Craig admits that despite having raced his entire life, this particular automobile caught his attention.

He confesses that he’s happy that Zack got it because Zack enjoys driving a lot and is utilizing the car right now for fast autocross competitions.

Zack explains that he chose this car because of its appearance and because it was already a race car when he bought it in 2019. He enjoys racing this car and is proud to be the only person his age with a vintage 1968 Corvette. The car’s original yellow paint pairs perfectly with the black hardtop and paint scheme added by Craig.

Host Lou believes it gives the car a RacerX look. Zack’s livery and stickers help to amplify the vintage racer look even further.

When asked if he could remember any special thrills or chills in the 1968 Corvette, Craig reveals that he once blew up the engine on a straightway at Elkhart Lake. With that in mind, the host suggests a test drive of this high-powered classic.

Zack’s Corvette is powered by a 350 CI V8 engine with a 4-speed manual transmission that offers a 450 HP maximum output. Zack says that during road races, he typically travels at a pace of about 140 mph. Before they take the sports vehicle for a journey, host Lou asks Zack to start the engine and listens to the thunderous roar of the side pipes.

Lou concludes that Zack has a “wonderfully nasty Chevrolet” on his hands and that it is a testament to its former owner Craig as well. The smiles of both drivers suggest that they agree.

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