Vintage Elegance: The 1972 Ford Maverick – A Testament to Timeless Design! -7

As we’re all well aware, the new Ford Maverick is coming to revolutionize the small pickup truck market in America. Over five decades ago, however, Ford used the Maverick name for something quite different.

This rear-drive two-door coupe was never doted over like its sibling car, the Mustang. But if you’re in the market for affordable muscle, you can definitely do worse than this. This particular example is a 1972 Maverick with the optional Sprint package. It was built for one special model year to commemorate the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich.

The car is painted in a beautiful two-tone blue on a white exterior with a matching vinyl color scheme on the inside. The vehicle also sports factory optional air conditioning, power steering, and an AM/FM radio, no small trinkets back in the early 1970s

Under the hood sits the same Ford small-block 302 V8 found in Mustangs, Gran Torino’s and Mercury Cougars. The owner claims that the engine is the same one the car left the factory with, almost five decades ago.

Based on the photographs presented, it’s clear this Maverick was exquisitely maintained. Sporting 64,000 miles (103,000 kilometers) according to the owner, the American classic had no trouble in winning first place at the International Maverick Comet Nationals in the semi-modified class back in 2018.

The car is due to go up for auction in November of this year via Greensboro Auto Auctions Inc of Greensboro, North Carolina. No reserve price has been set as of yet, but expect this little hidden gem to sell for substantially less than the equivalent Mustang or Cougar.

One thing is for sure. It’s definitely not substantially less cool of a ride. The fact it is a one-year-only
special edition Maverick may make that price tag rise just a little bit.

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