The Forgotten Dream: Fiat Barchetta - The Ferrari Experience for Americans -98

It’s a drop-top, it’s Italian and it’s not a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. What mythical car could we possibly be referring to? Well, the Fiat Barchetta was never sold in the United States, but restrictive import laws can never keep a good car down for too long.

Flemings Ultimate Garage of Rockville, Maryland, has a small cult following of 60,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel. We’re delighted that they’ve finally managed to get their hands on one of the most elusive Italian sports cars of the 90s.

This 1995 Launch Edition example is painted in a striking yet adorable orange with a black leather interior. One of only 21 built for the entire planet in this configuration.

Under the hood of this cute little convertible, there is a naturally aspirated 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine jetting 131 horsepower to the front wheels. That power is carried through a five-speed close-ratio manual transmission.

That may sound lame to some, but in a car this light, think of it like a hot hatchback without the extra weight. Combine that with independent suspension in all four corners and this little car should be one heck of a good weekend toy, albeit one with a hilariously small trunk.

Every aspect of this Barchetta has been painstakingly detailed to the highest standard, including the fully restored hi-fi stereo system, which came standard on the special edition launch vehicle.

Odometer information is not included in the listing. But for a car so thoroughly restored, all key drive train components should be pretty much factory fresh.

The car could be all yours for $24,990 before taxes and fees. Considering most contemporary Italian convertibles routinely quadruple that figure, it might not be a bad deal for true fans.

Check out Flemmings Ultimate Garage’s Youtube video on this Barchetta if you want to learn more.

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