Resurrected Elegance: The 1966 Ford Thunderbird Emerges After 23 Years, Sporting a Solid 428 ! -2

1966 brought several significant changes to the Thunderbird lineup, and visually, the most easily noticeable were the new grille and redesigned taillights that were now extended to cover nearly the entire width of the rear.

At the same time, Ford also gave up on the Landau model and replaced it with a new Town Landau version that eventually became the most popular choice for this model year. Out of over 69,000 Thunderbirds sold in 1966, more than 35,000 of them came in a Town Landau configuration.

The Thunderbird that we have here is also a Town Landau, though this time, what sets the car apart is actually how it survived throughout all these years, still coming with everything original and in a rather solid condition.

This Ford was parked in a dry garage no less than 23 years ago, with eBay seller d-1044 explaining the car is complete, and everything is still there on a rust-free body. In other words, this ’66 Thunderbird appears to tick all the boxes for a solid restoration candidate, especially as it’s still original, complete, and running.

Because yes, the 428 (7.0-liter) V8 under the hood is still alive, though the car does need a new fuel pump. The 428 was an all-new engine for MY 1966 Thunderbird, coming with a four-barrel carburetor and developing 345 horsepower.

The car also sports power seats and power windows, and the original keys are still around, along with a clean Washington State title.

The odometer indicates as little over 81,000 miles (130,000 km), and while there’s no guarantee in this regard, the previous owner suggested this is the actual mileage, which kind of makes sense given how many years the Thunderbird spent sitting in the same spot.

The bidding for this 1966 Thunderbird is still in its early hours, and right now, the top offer is close to $2,000. This is a no-reserve auction, which means that whoever sends the highest bid can take the car home.

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