Discover the Babied 1969 Pontiac GTO, Yearning for Some Tender Loving Care! -93

For many GTO fans, 1969 is known as the year when The Judge got to see the daylight, but at the same time, Pontiac has also introduced several improvements for the rest of the lineup, both in terms of styling and mechanical upgrades.

For example, the GTO continued to be equipped as standard with a 400 (6.6-liter) V8 engine developing 350 horsepower, but the 400 HO with 360 horsepower offered on the previous model year now became a Ram Air III unit with 366 horsepower.

The third and top option for the 1969 GTO was the Ram Air IV, which developed a total of 370 horsepower and 603 Nm (445 lb-ft) of torque.

The original 400 V8 is also powering this GTO, and – according to eBay seller equipment9507 – his is exactly the unit that Pontiac installed 52 years ago when the car rolled off the assembly lines.

But to make things less complicated, here’s a summary of what you need to know about this GTO. The car comes with absolutely everything original and all the parts that have been replaced throughout all these years have been kept and will be offered to the new owner. The vehicle has always been parked in a garage and it spent most of the time between 1973 and 1994 in storage.

Everything is now running as smoothly as it gets, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the car is in mint condition. Not at all, and as you can easily figure out yourselves by simply checking out the photos in the gallery, there are a small dent and some occasional rust on the body. So if you’re planning to bring the car back to tip-top shape, fixing this is a good way to start.

The seller, however, guarantees there’s only surface rust on this GTO, so in theory, only a little TLC would be required.

Needless to say, an all-original GTO that has always been babied can’t come cheap. And this 1969 model right here really doesn’t, as the owner expects to get $28,500 for the car.

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