Witnessing the Breathtaking 1-Of-87 1969 Pontiac Firebird 400 HO, Truly a Perfect 10 ! -135

It’s hard not to like a 1969 Firebird, and if you check out the example that we have here, you should easily understand why this model has become such a huge head-turner.

While you can easily tell this Bird comes in nearly mint condition by simply checking out the photos in the gallery, let’s start with what you can’t see in these images.
This Firebird is extremely rare, as it comes in a configuration that has eventually been released on less than 100 units for model year 1969.

eBay seller chrisjc60 has provided evidence this Firebird is one of just 87 models coming with a convertible body style, a 400 HO engine under the hood, and a manual transmission for MY 1969. The only Firebird rarer than one using this particular setup left the factory with an automatic gearbox and a convertible body style, as Pontiac ended up making only 57 such units.

Obviously, this Firebird looks almost like a new car, and while we’re not being told if the car has ever been restored and repainted, the seller claims the car is “a true survivor” with zero rust and the original metal.

As far as the mechanical part is concerned, the 400 HO unit is no longer matching numbers, but it has already been rebuilt, so everything is working just like you’d expect it to work on such a great-looking car.

The top is also in perfect condition, and the transmission shifts properly, making this Firebird ready to become a daily driver, though it’s pretty clear this isn’t necessarily how such a rare model should be used in the first place.

It goes without saying this Bird can’t come cheap, and it really doesn’t. The seller expects to get $39,500 for the car, but on the other hand, they are also interested in other trades, such as 1970 to 1973 Trans Ams. The car is parked in Buffalo, New York if you want to check it out live.

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