Unleashing the Beast: 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Breaks Out with Surprising V8 Engine -171

If there’s something to love about barn finds, it’s how unexpected some of the cars that end up getting back on the road actually are, especially because in many cases, they are old iconic models that were believed to be long gone.

So the engine started right up when it finally got to see daylight again, though there’s something that needs to be mentioned here.

The engine under the hood is no longer the original one, as we’re being told that power comes from a 350 (5.7-liter) unit paired with a 4-speed manual transmission.

Part of the second-generation Bel Air, the 1957 model indeed introduced a new V8, but it was only a 283 (4.6-liter) V8 developing 283 horsepower. The 350 obviously wasn’t part of the Bel Air lineup, so a previous owner performed an engine swap at some point for a reason that hasn’t been disclosed.

The odometer indicates close to 25,000 miles (a little over 40,000 km), but of course, given the original engine is no longer there, there’s a chance this isn’t necessarily relevant.

So overall, this Bel Air looks captivating, there’s no doubt about it, but a visual inspection is more than recommended, especially given the engine swap. If the original engine is no longer there, who knows what else has been modified, so clearly, checking out every little detail on this Bel Air is the right way to go.

An iconic model like it obviously couldn’t escape unnoticed, so the eBay auction has already received 29 bids at the time of writing. The top offer is $18,000, but the reserve is yet to be met.

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