Step into Greatness with the 1971 Dodge Challenger Survivor, a Low-Mileage Jewel of Original V8 Muscle -112

Unrestored and unmolested cars are the best cars, and it’s all because they retain their original coolness without any changes made throughout all the years they’ve been out there.

And this 1971 Dodge Challenger convertible is just the living proof in this regard, as the car survived for approximately 50 years without any major fixes and improvements.

As you can easily tell from the pictures, this Challenger is a perfect 10, but worth knowing is a repaint has already been made at some point during the ‘80s. But other than that, everything is as original as possible, and more impressive is the car hasn’t even been restored.

In other words, except for the “new” paint, the Challenger comes exactly in the condition it was back in 1971 when it left the factory, so if you were searching for a genuine ‘70 experience, this Dodge gets you as close as possible to such a thing.

The engine under the hood is the same 318 V8 with 230 horsepower that put the wheels in motion on day one, and even though it has never been rebuilt, it’s still working exactly as you’d expect it to work.

eBay seller usacycles claims the car was originally owned by a woman who always took proper care of it, but the good news is the full documentation has also been saved, so now it’s going with the owner’s manual, the paperwork, the build sheet, and everything else. The original title and keys are also still around.

And the icing on the cake is the mileage, once again original. The odometer indicates just 27,000 miles (about 43,500 km), and this kind of explains why everything looks so stunning.

After all of these, you probably don’t expect this 1971 Dodge Challenger to be available at a low price. And you wouldn’t be wrong. The seller is expecting to get $62,500 for the car, though the Make Offer button has also been enabled, just in case somebody is interested in another deal.

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