Rescue and Revitalize the 1963 Pontiac LeMans Locked in Storage - 142

Pontiac LeMans made its debut in 1961 as the top-of-the-range version of the Tempest, but two years later in 1963, the parent company decided to release it as a stand-alone series with just two body styles, namely coupe and convertible.

As many people already know, the LeMans also paved the way for the introduction of the GTO in 1964, initially as a performance package and later as a separate model.

Getting back to the 1963 LeMans, the standard engine was a 194ci (3.2-liter) l4 unit developing approximately 120 horsepower, yet the lineup now included not only a 215 (3.5-liter) V8 but also a new optional 326 producing 260 horsepower.

The same engine is also powering the LeMans that we have here, and according to eBay seller boatscapt.rocky, it’s the same unit that came with the car back in 1963 when it rolled off the assembly lines.

Found in a storage container in the Southern California desert, this LeMans has already received plenty of fixes, yet small extra TLC is still required to get back in tip-top shape. So for example, while the engine runs correctly with no smoke, the brakes still need some adjustments, which isn’t necessarily surprising given the car has been off the road since 1995.

The rust doesn’t seem to be a concern this time, but the seller does say there are signs the LeMans has already been repainted at some point.

An air conditioning system installed from the factory is also offered, and other things that are part of the TLC section we told you about include the headliner and the side door window, which appears to be cracked.

But overall, this LeMans looks like an easy restoration project, and this is probably the reason why the car has already received 14 bids since it was posted online. However, the reserve is yet to be met, with the top offer at the time of writing set at close to $8,000.

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