Relentless Legacy: 1969 Pontiac GTO's Fragmented Journey, Original Build Sheet Survives the Ride! -141

1969 was a pretty big year for the GTO, not only because Pontiac introduced a series of visual and mechanical changes but also thanks to the debut of the famous “The Judge” that still has so many fans all over the world.

On the other hand, 1969 also proved to be a pretty difficult year for the GTO in terms of sales, as the car faced stronger competition from Ford, Dodge, and Plymouth, all of which invested more aggressively in refining their own models.

So sales of the GTO dropped from close to 88,000 units in 1968 to a little over 72,000 units in 1969, as the Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 and the Plymouth Road Runner both surpassed the Pontiac. Only some 6,800 GTOs left the factory with The Judge treatment.

The GTO that we have here was born as a beautiful convertible that came with plenty of options, including power steering, factory air conditioning, and so much more.

But as you can easily figure out by simply checking out the photos here, none of these seem to matter right now, as whoever owned this once-gorgeous GTO somehow stored it in the worst possible conditions, likely for many, many years, pushing the muscle car painfully close to the rust bucket club.

It’s not hard to tell the rust is a major concern on this GTO, but eBay seller ra-288251 claims the frame and the floors are still in good condition.

This should theoretically be good news for someone planning a full restoration, but it goes without saying whoever buys the car would have plenty of work to do not only to bring it back to mint condition but to get it on the road in the first place.

There’s no engine coming with this GTO, but the owner somehow still expects to get at least $10,000 for the car. This is way too optimistic for a GTO missing so many big parts and in such a poor condition ,though we’d be more than happy to see this car getting a second chance from someone brave enough to start a restoration project.

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