Rediscover Vintage Beauty: Revive a 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air from Yard Decay at a Bargain - 144

1958 was the year when the Bel Air gave birth to the Impala nameplate, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the other models in the lineup didn’t deserve our attention.

In fact, Chevrolet introduced several important changes for this third-generation Bel Air, making the cars longer and lower. The interior also received a few extra touches, as the GM wanted the cabin to feel a little bit more luxurious.

Several changes happened under the hood as well, and the most notable was the introduction of a 348 (5.7-liter) V8 as optional. The standard engine remained the 235 (3.9-liter) six-cylinder with 145 horsepower, while the standard V8 was now the 283 (4.6-liter) small-block V8.

The 1958 Bel Air that we have here still has an engine under the hood, but on the other hand, very little is known about it. eBay seller crazynorsk claims there’s a “282” in there, though that’s obviously a typo and most likely they were referring to the 283 V8 we told you about earlier.

The car obviously doesn’t come in its best shape, as it looks like it’s been sitting for a while in that yard, so it’s hard to determine if it can be restored easily without checking out everything in person. So if you do want to buy this Bel Air, you should first see it live, especially because not a lot of information has been provided by the seller.

But of course, you should expect a lot of rust since the car seems to be parked under the clear sky. Be ready for some serious patches, and obviously, there’s a good chance the car is no longer complete – after all, the headlights are already missing, so who knows what else is no longer there.

The good news is this Bel Air is ready to go for pocket money, as the seller posted it on eBay as part of a no reserve auction. In other words, the one submitting the highest bid can take it home, and right now, the top offer is just $500.

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