Rare Opportunity: The Sole VIN-Bearing 1966 Ford GT40 from Ford v Ferrari Hits the Market! -137

It’s been quite some time since the Ford v Ferrari movie is no longer the hottest flick out there, but for some, the legacy it left behind will never die. Just like the real-life rivalry between the American and Italian carmakers, or the real cars of that age, everything and anything related to the James Mangold movie will forever have a certain appeal for rich collectors.

Soon after the movie hit theaters back in 2019, these collectors started looking for ways to get their hands on the more or less replica vehicles used in all those exciting racing scenes. To entice these people even more, five of the Ford v Ferrari cars went on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum in early 2020, and later that same year a Ferrari P3 and a Ford GT40 that were used in the movie started a tour of the country.

Until now, however, most of these Ford v Ferrari-related machines were just shown, not offered for sale. That’s about to change, and what better way to kick things into gear than with a GT40?

The car you’re looking at now is listed for sale during the Mecum auction in Dallas in September. It is a replica, true, but one of six made by RCR to be used in the movie, and probably one of the most important of the pack.

That’s because this car is the one used to shoot the LeMans race scene, with Dan Gurney (played by his son, Alex) behind the wheel. Later, it was used to shoot the 24 hours of Daytona scene, and that explains the no. 88 stickers on its sides.

Built, like all others, to exact 1966 Ford GT specs, this particular replica is the only one of six made to have a VIN and title. Add that to the list of things that will make this machine quite expensive (no estimate available) in Dallas.

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