Preserved Perfection: Original and Unrestored 1963 Impala SS Emerges from its Cover ! -119

While the 1965 Impala is the model that made history with an impressive annual sales performance (over 1 million units sold in 12 months), the 1963 sibling marked another significant achievement in Chevrolet's history.The GM brand produced its 50 millionth car, and to celebrate the event, company officials invited New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller to the assembly line in Tarrytown.

The reason was an opulent celebration of this historic achievement, with Rockefeller driving a 1963 Impala Super Sport from the production lines out of the factory.

It was a great marketing stunt for Impala, especially as the sales were already rising. The Super Sport was a superstar, delivering a performance upgrade with a sportier attitude.

An all-original Super Sport is looking for a new owner, courtesy of a lucky fellow who discovered it accidentally under a cover in a barn. Most barn finds come in questionable condition, typically with plenty of rust and many missing parts.

This 1963 Impala SS is a tremendous find that has all the attributes of a rare collectible.

First and foremost, it's completely original, with the owner explaining that even the factory wheels and hub caps are still available separately as part of the sale. Second, it's unmolested, as the Impala retains the setup used when rolling off the assembly lines. And third, it's unrestored, as the previous owners meticulously cared for it without letting the Impala become a wreck requiring an overhaul.

The vehicle looks impressive, and a thorough wash revealed a mesmerizing condition that is almost impossible to find today, especially on an unrestored Impala. The rust isn't a concern, and I'm impressed with the condition of the floors and the trunk. It's hard to believe the car has never been restored, but the owner guarantees it's just a survivor that retained its condition despite spending ten years in storage.

The engine under the hood is a 327 (5.3-liter) that starts, runs, and drives perfectly. The V8 has never been rebuilt, so it comes in the same shape as 60 years ago when Chevrolet installed it in the engine bay.

The 1963 Impala was available with two 327 engines featuring a four-barrel carburetor. The Rochester version produced 250 horsepower, while the Carter engine generated 300 horsepower.

The price of this Impala SS makes perfect sense considering its condition. The owner wants to get $45,000 for the car, and based on the provided information and pictures, this is a fair expectation, not only because of the rust-free body but also because the car flexes an almost showroom quality. It won't take long for this Impala to find a new home, and if you want to see it in person, you must visit the owner in Marysville.

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