Pennsylvania's Vintage Car Haven: Awaiting Discerning Collectors, a Cache of Rare Classics - 152

Anyone into classic cars and living or traveling in the vicinity of Starlight, Wayne County, Pennsylvania shouldn’t be afraid of the dirt road leading to this farm. There’s junkyard heaven just waiting to be uncovered and we can’t believe that it’s been sitting there for years without turning into an Internet sensation.

Instead, this mega stockpile of rare cars has been waiting for word-of-mouth to finally reach the wider online venues. Remember how people keep discussing the fact that barn finds are getting rarer these days?

It’s because owners have an easy way of getting them out in the open and most of them already did. But, as far as we are concerned, getting to the next lot of stashed cars just takes a little more effort, that’s all.

Well, this one needed a gentle nudge from the good folks over at Barn Finds, who got tipped by a reader towards the massive collection of cars and trucks (of all make and sizes, even from Alfa Romeo if you can believe it).

The vast stockpile, which includes a lot of parts as well, has been allegedly growing roots there since the 1990s. And it’s not just cars and parts spread out on farmland, there are also barns filled with them, so no one is going to argue this isn’t a real “barn find” because of semantics.

Not that we got that sorted out, it seems that we need to discuss the owner. His name is Dave Rapp, and everyone has only kind words for his demeanor, not just his collection of cars that allegedly goes up to no less than 800 vehicles, most of them covering the 1920 to 1960s decades.

Bear in mind the fact that we have shared in the gallery some photos from back in 2012 as they were posted on the AACA (Antique Automobile Club of America) Forums, so the landscape might have changed a bit since then.

Though not by much, judging from the stills that were taken recently by the Barn Finds reader. And we can easily imagine why. Some of them might have been taken off the lot or stripped for parts, some of them probably listed for sale on eBay.

After all, it seems that anyone in the neighborhood usually goes to Mr. Rapp (with an appointment, as stressed on several occasions by different folk) when in need of something for their (very) old car or truck. But for sure, others took their place.

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