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Marketed as "the first American-built import," the AMC Gremlin was nothing to write home about when it debuted in 1970. Sure, it looked rather quirky compared to its rivals, the Ford Pinto and Chevrolet Vega, but it was underpowered and didn't offer a V8 at first. A big deal was in the early 1970s, when people were still obsessed with muscle cars. But as the years went by, the Gremlin gained a cult-like following.

Its quirky looks and underpowered engines made it the perfect target for car-related jokes but these unwanted feats also helped the Gremlin become an exotic attraction as the decades rolled on. Some of them, like this orange-painted, 1975 example, became regulars at movie car rental companies. And while many of them were featured in mostly unknown TV series, this Gremlin here reportedly starred in at least one famous music video.

Discovered in a car rental company's parking lot, this Gremlin is said to have been used in "many feature films, TV shows, and music videos," according to the seller. The company he got it from says it was used in a Beastie Boys clip and "another video where a production company put hydraulic shocks in the front of the car to make it bounce."

While the Beastie Boys did use an orange AMC in their 2011 hit "Make Some Noise," it was actually a Pacer and not a Gremlin. However, this Gremlin looks identical to the one used by D12 in their 2001 single "Purple Hills." The car makes several appearances in the clip, being driven by rapper Eminem.

Sadly, there's no solid proof that it is indeed the same car, but it's something that can be verified. The license plate isn't legible in D12's music video, but at least it has the same blue color.

But regardless of its TV status, this Gremlin is now a solid collector's item. I say "now" because it was purchased with various issues and sunbaked paint. Following $5,500 worth of service work, it looks quite good and runs as it should. The odometer shows only 4,554 miles (7,329 km), but true mileage is unknown.


Power comes from a 258-cubic-inch (4.2-liter) inline-six engine connected to an automatic transmission. And it still features the hydraulic shocks up front that enable the car to bounce up and down. Pretty cool, huh?

If you fancy an AMC Gremlin that might just be a former rap music video star, this orange-painted hatchback is being sold by eBay's "socalcars310" for $12,500. Given that Concours-condition Gremlins are valued at around $15,000, it's perhaps a bit too much, even if it's the same car driven by Eminem in "Purple Hills."

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