One-Owner 1969 Buick Riviera Flexes Amazing Condition, Stunning Color, Low Mileage - 160

1969 didn't bring any significant changes to the Riviera lineup but still witnessed a new increase in sales, confirming that the second generation was progressing well.

Sales of the Riviera improved from 45,308 units in 1966 (with this number also representing a record for the nameplate) to over 49,000 cars in 1968 and then to nearly 53,000 vehicles a year later. The trend didn't last long, as sales declined significantly a year later to 37,000 units.

Overall, the second-generation Riviera sold more than 227,600 cars.

eBay seller oop-arma recently posted one of the best Rivieras I've seen lately, coming with low mileage, original coolness, and a finish like no other.

The 1969 Riviera flexes the original lavender color (General Motors calls it purple in the official documents), and the seller guarantees it has never been resprayed or fixed. The entire car is unmolested and unrestored, and this makes perfect sense because the owner's son owns a mechanic shop.

It's not hard to figure out that the car's owner has meticulously taken care of the Riviera throughout all these years. Everything looks impeccable, but partially to thank for the whole thing is the low mileage. 

The car spent many years sitting (unfortunately, the seller does not reveal how many), and this is also one of the reasons for the sale. The seller explains that the lady who owns the car no longer wants to see the Riviera sitting.

The listing includes a detailed look at every little part of the car, but if you're looking for the bad news, you can hardly find a deal breaker. The back driver's market light has faded due to aging, but the seller says they'll replace it. The electric windows work correctly but slowly, and all interior lights will be replaced before the sale.

Now let's talk engines.

This Riviera comes with the original and never-rebuilt 430 V8. Given the low mileage, it starts, runs, and drives perfectly, and I wouldn't expect anything else. The odometer indicates just a little over 41,000 miles (66,000 km).

Buick introduced the 430 in 1967 to replace the famous 425 Nailhead. It developed 360 horsepower, delivering a performance boost that made the Riviera most compelling for people looking for more adrenaline behind the wheel.

The bidding for this gorgeous Riviera starts at $15,000, but the seller has also enabled a reserve, so the Internet must send higher offers to take the car home. The seller claims the Riviera is priced to sell, but they did not reveal the reserve's value.

If you want to see the car in person, you can find it parked in Long Beach, California. Given its impeccable shape, you won't need a trailer to drive it home.

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