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With Ford working on a new generation of the Bronco for 2020, interest in the nameplate has seen a major resurgence in recent years. That's seen the price of classic Broncos shoot up along with demand for restoration services.

One of the best in the business is Velocity Restorations of Pensacola, Florida, and it's just completed a 1,500-hour restoration of a 1973 Ford Bronco.

We're talking a complete frame-off restoration that includes metal fabrication and rust repair to ensure the vehicle is as good, if not better, than when it originally left the factory.

All of the mechanicals have also been upgraded, making this more of a restomod than a true restoration. Under the hood sits a modern Ford 5.0-liter V-8 which breathes through a custom exhaust and is connected to the wheels via a four-speed manual transmission. There's also a Dana 44 front axle and 9.0-inch rear axle.

Velocity Restorations also adds a custom suspension that adds 3.5 inches of lift along with front and rear sway bars. Modern brakes are also added, in this case a set of Wilwood disc brakes at each corner.

There's modern touches in the interior, too, like the digital gauges, audio system and climate control. Hand-stitched brown leather has also been applied to most of the surfaces in the cabin.

Once a Velocity Restorations build is complete, the vehicle is quality checked multiple times and road tested between 400 and 500 miles to ensure flawless operation upon delivery to the customer. If the customer isn't there in person to take delivery, the company also produces a video explaining how each of the vehicle functions operate.

Given this attention to detail, naturally the prices aren't cheap. For this particular build the price is set at $229,000.

The video below provides a bit of history on Velocity Restorations and the processes that go into the company's builds.

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