Adventure Awaits, Cowboy Style: Embrace the Spirit of the Road with the 1976 Jeep CJ-5 Levi's Renegade, Your Ultimate Partner for an Epic Summer Journey

Although it has been replaced since 1986 by the equally legendary Wrangler, Jeep’s CJ series has probably logged more adventures and off-road trail road trip miles than any other model from the iconic brand. This 1976 CJ-5, though, is responsible for just 69k of those.

With exactly 69,339 miles (111,590 km) on the odometer, it’s not like this Renegade Levi’s Edition has settled for the garage queen attribute. Yet, somehow, it has managed to preserve its Renegade Orange exterior paintjob in its original condition, even though it was produced some 45 years ago.

Oddly enough, the 1976 Levi's Edition Jeep CJ-5 Renegade offered here on consignment from Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Garage Kept Motors was dressed up from the factory in Renegade Orange over... a tan Levi’s upholstery. Believe it or not, at the time customers had the option of selecting a blue denim cloth or tan vinyl upholstery, both with Levi’s signature elements.

It has been noted as a “true survivor” as the CJ-5 proudly wears its original paintjob on the outside... although it’s another story with the interior. The latter has been respectfully remastered to its original condition and there’s also a new soft-top for when the weather becomes unfriendly during those long summer road trips.

On the outside, the Jeep wears its patina with pride and dignity, but the original markings and all the details still look great for its age. Those include the special Renegade markings, the chrome trim, or the red Levi’s trademark sitting on the side just above the white-letter Jeep branding. Chromed steelies and white-outlined tires complete the atmosphere.

Which is decidedly vintage, considering the tone of the interior. There, everything looks just right for a 1976 flashback and so we can proceed to the AMC V8 engine. The 304ci presents itself as the flagship option for the series back in the day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the nicest view showcased under the hood – it's just practical and clean. As for the damage for owning this adventurous Renegade, the consigning dealer is asking precisely $22,500.

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