1971 Buick Skylark Recovered After Decades in a Barn, Ready for Restoration - 158

The transition happened later in the same decade, but the last few model years brought little to almost no significant changes. The 1971 release, for example, was only available with limited engine options and almost no styling changes from its processor.

Buick installed the lazy six-cylinder unit with 145 horsepower on the base version, while customers ordering the Skylark 350 received a 350 (5.7-liter) unit with 230 horsepower.

This Skylark ended up on Craigslist earlier this week, as the owner says they wanted to rebuild the engine but eventually abandoned the project. Someone else must restore the car if they agree to pay the right price.

The car spent 22 years in a barn, but the storage conditions must have been just right for a classic model, as the metal looks impressive overall. The body seems straight and clean, and despite not getting a look at the undersides, I believe the rust isn't a critical concern this time.

The seller says the car will need the driver's floor and trunk pans, likely due to aggressive rust, but maybe regular patches would help too.

Photos of the car emerging from long-term storage indicate that it only needed a good wash, as the paint (hopefully original) passed the test of time with flying colors.

Based solely on the images shared on Craigslist, it's hard to tell if the vehicle is complete, but all exterior parts seem there. The interior is as mysterious as it gets, as the seller did not reveal the cabin. Hopefully, it's as clean and complete as the exterior, making this Skylark an excellent restoration candidate.

The engine propelling this Buick is a 350 4-barrel, but the seller says they did not try to start it. The rebuilding process was abandoned, but the good news is that the V8 is not locked up from sitting.

Theoretically, this suggests that bringing it back to a working state is doable, though you should still take a good mechanic to Sarnia, close to Detroit, to inspect what happens under the hood.

The price makes perfect sense for a Buick in this condition, as the seller says they are willing to let the car go for $4,800. On the other hand, they also claim that other offers would be considered, so contact them if you believe this Skylark deserves a place in your garage.

Don't forget to ask if the car is still original and whether any big parts are currently missing. A set of pictures revealing the interior and the floors would come in handy too.

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