the 1949 Jaguar "Gray Poupon"

 I have the 1949 Jaguar "Gray Poupon" a custom street rod that they just finished up.The swoopy Jaguar body has had several modification's made to it.Not knowing what one looked like stock, I can imagine they totally changed the look

More like some clean up work and maybe a little more aggression added to it.Nichols then covered that custom body work with a two tone custom mix green that gives it a classy touch.The custom leather interior is a brown that works well with the greens of the body. 

Wheels are always a personal choice and no one set will please everyone.I'm good with the Dayton Wires they chose to run on this 1949 Jaguar. Under the hood is a cleanly installed LS...It's a street rod, the British 6 banger that I imagine it came with.

Had to go! This 1949 Jaguar "Gray Poupon" from the Nichols Paint and Fab Custom Shop was built to drive.Even in the rain.The day they delivered it.The client had to drive it! Good thing it has wipers!! Very cool for sure.The 1949 Jaguar "Gray Poupon" from Nichols Paint and Fab..Check it out!!!

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