A Collector's Dream: Feast Your Eyes on the Breathtaking Ferrari Testa D’Oro - Available for Sale! -194

How does twin turbochargers on the flat 12 engine sound like? We’re talking about a one of a kind Ferrari dating back to 1989 that came with an impressive 750 horsepower output. When other countries were still busy overthrowing communism in Eastern Europe, this beast was busy putting down a world speed record.

The first thing you observe when looking at this peculiar Prancing Horse is its rounded, organic form. It’s an unconventional design often attributed to Luigi Colani. The German industrial designer went from creating cars for companies such as Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Volkswagen, and BMW in the 1950s to designing in mainly any domain in the 1970s.

He is also the one to compose this 1989 modified Ferrari Testarossa. As we said, it was built to break the land speed record, and it’s safe to say we are looking at a rare breed. Based on a Testarossa with a 5.0 Ferrari-Lotec twin-turbo on its flat 12 engine, this Ferrari successfully broke the record in its class in 1991, reaching 351 km/h (218 mph) with catalytic converters.

The sportscar is currently on exhibition at the Maranello Purosangue Museum. Here’s how the showroom is described on their official website:

“Driven by our passion for red thoroughbreds, after over twenty years of experience in sportcars and classic cars, we have decide to open a showroom in Maranello, the city that has seen the birth of ever Ferrari and mecca for all car enthusiasts.”

Whether or not it truly is for sale, there’s no way to tell, but we’re sure the value of such a rarity is huge.

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