1958 Ford Ranchero Parked 30 Years Ago Fights for Life With Mysterious V8 Still Alive.. -174

Ford Ranchero pioneered a body style that rapidly caught rivals' attention. Two years after its debut in 1957, Ranchero got its first serious rival. General Motors launched the Chevrolet El Camino as a direct competitor to the Ranchero, helping the coupe utility market gain more popularity in the United States.

A 1958 Ranchero is fighting for life on eBay, as the owner posted the truck online, hoping someone spots their classic and gives it a second chance.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out this Ranchero has been struggling with a lot lately. The car has been sitting for over 30 years, so the rust issues aren't surprising.

The floors and the bed look wrecked, so the Ranchero needs new panels, as regular patching would no longer do it this time. Seller eldorapicks says the owner parked the vehicle three decades ago, and the engine was still running. Today, the unit under the hood is just a mysterious part that'll likely need a lot of work to get back in tip-top shape.

The owner says the engine is likely an Interceptor (based on the rear distributor), but I believe a closer inspection is mandatory. The Interceptor was a new engine on the 1958 Ranchero, joining the lineup as a 352 V8 with 300 horsepower. Ford dropped the 272 for this model year, going all-in on the 292 and the 332 V8s on the Ranchero.

Based on the VIN, this Ranchero rolled off the assembly lines with a 292 V8 under the hood. The 292 sported a 2-barrel carburetor for a power rating of 205 horsepower. The vehicle came to be at the San Jose plant.

The mileage is unknown, but it doesn't matter much anyway, considering the engine will almost certainly require a complete rebuild.

Saving this Ranchero won't be an easy mission. The long tenure on the side of the road (though the seller did not share any specifics as to where the vehicle has been sitting) produced massive metal damage, so I wouldn't be surprised to see someone purchasing this truck for parts.

The interior doesn't look that bad, but it also needs serious work. The door panels look awful, but the dash isn't cut – some parts are missing, so getting it back together will be a serious challenge too.

The auction is now in its final hours, and considering it comes without a reserve, this Ranchero will almost certainly find a new home (unless the auction winner refuses to pay, that is).

The top bid is $2,500, and unless something changes until the last minute, the truck will leave El Dorado, California, for a new destination that'll hopefully give it a second chance to return to the road.

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