1958 Chevy Corvette With Fuel-Injected V8 Going Under the Gavel at No Reserve.. -178

No matter how much one loves classic cars, they're probably not big fans of carburetors. However, the Chevrolet Corvette C1 pictured below features fuel injection, and it promises to make your weekends better if you buy it.

Launched in 1953, it wasn't until the latter years of its production that the original Chevrolet Corvette became truly popular with the sports car crowd in North America, paving the road for the next eight generations that followed it, including the latest that boasts a rear mid-engine construction in a premiere.

And that's not the only first for the nameplate, as the E-Ray is the first-ever 'Vette to sport hybrid power and all-wheel drive.

Things were much simpler in the 1950s, however, and fuel injection was seen as an innovative feature back then. And while not everyone favored it, the tech was eventually implemented in the first-gen Corvette, which came with a straight-six engine and three small-block V8s, married to a three- or a four-speed manual transmission or a two-speed auto.

The performance is barely relevant anymore, as the C1 won't break any speed records, not with the original firepower anyway, as the looks are its major selling point.

But you already knew that, so let's proceed to the copy pictured above, which is a 1958 model that came to life at the St. Louis factory in Missouri. It has had a long and fruitful life, and the reason behind that fresh condition inside and out is a full restoration that it underwent at one point.

It features a red and white exterior finish, a white soft top, white wall tires, a red vinyl interior, and the usual amount of shiny chrome trim. Power is supplied by the 283 cubic-inch V8 engine, a 4.6-liter unit that was good for 290 horsepower back in the day and 290 pound-feet (393 Nm) of torque, hooked up to a four-speed manual transmission.

Advertised by RMSothebys for their upcoming Hershey event that will be hosted on October 4-5 in Pennsylvania, this Chevrolet Corvette C1 is said to be accompanied by over 30 invoices that date back to 2007 and numerous photos that documented the aforementioned restoration.

The vendor says that due to its overall condition, it is "equally suited to regular evening cruise nights" and "serving as the cornerstone of a serious collection of American muscle."

Curious about the estimated selling price? The auction house hasn't provided one, and they are, in fact, offering this classic 'Vette at no reserve. So, how much do you think it will fetch at the upcoming auction in a couple of months?

And if you were looking for a C1, how much would you be willing to cough out for this particular example?

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