Uncovering the Story of the 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle, Left to Decay on Private Property -249

While the Impala was the Chevrolet model stealing the show during the ‘60s, the popularity of the Chevelle was actually on the rise later in the decade.

The SS version certainly helped a lot, but the Chevelle Malibu ended up becoming quite a popular choice among Chevy fans anyway.

A once-gorgeous 1968 example is now trying to convince the WWW that it deserves a second chance, most likely after sitting for a very long time in storage.

It’s not hard to figure out this is a massive project. The body, for instance, still appears to be solid, but you should inspect every little inch of metal because the rust has obviously taken its toll already. The floors have already been invaded, and the same in the trunk, where the metal damage is rather extensive.

On the other hand, eBay seller jasper10354 says the rockers still look good, and the frame appears to be in a solid shape, so consider this the starting point for a possible restoration project.

Other than that, bringing this Chevelle back to the road isn’t going to be easy. Given the engine is missing (the car has been born with a 307/5.0-liter under the hood, as the tags are still there), you could very well go for a restomod, especially if you plan on installing a big-block unit.

Unsurprisingly, the Chevelle has already attracted the attention of many people online, but it all comes down to the selling price. The top offer exceeds $4,000, but given a reserve has also been enabled, Internet bidders would have to go higher in order to make sure they can get their hands on the car.

At this point, the Chevelle is parked in New Jersey until it finds a new home. The auction is scheduled to come to an end in a little over one day, so the car will get a glimpse into its future by the end of the week.

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